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Paw Pals

Buttercup – dog

Buttercup is a lovely seven-year-old mixed breed female dog. She was surrendered to Stray Dog Centre in 2015 and has been in the centre until recently. She is currently boarding at Paw Parking where she is being thoroughly spoilt and absolutely loving playing with other dogs and running around in AC.

Buttercup is friendly with other dogs, loves human interaction and is amazing with children. She would be the perfect dog for a busy family or a family who likes having a calmer older dog.

You can see in the photo that her tail looked blurred and that is simply as she is so happy that she wouldn’t stop wagging it!

Rescue organisation is: Stray Dogs Centre UAQ (Umm al Quwain)

Blanche – cat


Beautiful Blanche is a stunning one-year old British shorthair who was recently surrendered with her two six-week-old kittens as her family were relocating and couldn’t take her with them.


She is still really a kitten herself, despite being a mum. She is very affectionate and loves to curl up on your lap and purr like crazy. She’s okay with other cats but would prefer a place all to herself where she can be the centre of attention. And why wouldn’t she be with these looks?


Blanche’s kittens will be ready for adoption in a few weeks’ time and they are a cute pair too.


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