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Young Roge

Drivetime: 4-8pm Each weekday – UAE local times.
The Capital Party: Post-Friday Brunch with Young Roge From 4.30-7pm Every Friday – UAE local times.

Our Drivetime and Friday Brunch DJ is Young Roge, who is no stranger to many UAE radio listeners.  Many long-serving UAE residents will remember Roge from his Breakfast Show on Capital Radio in the 1980s, to his Drivetime and weekend brunch shows on Radio 2 in the UAE from 2004-2011.




Roge has been a Radio DJ for over 35 years and gained his nickname ‘Young’ Roge mainly because he remains youthful for his maturing years, although Roge experience is vast when it comes to pure entertainment value.

Roge Drivetime show will contain many exciting features and completion’s, such as…. the popular… ‘’Where In The World Am I’’…. and…. ‘The Lateral quiz for the kids and between 7.10pm and 7.45pm, ”My Top 10”, where you can pick the Capital Radio playlist with your all-time Top 10 favourite songs, email Roge on, with your Top 1O all time favourite songs from the last 60 years, free choice.

Every Sunday join me and the delightful Keren Bobker in my drive time show, for everything UAE between 6.00-6.30pm. Each Sunday Keren will have a special UAE topic, followed up with your questions on all aspects of living and working in the UAE.

Every Thursday @ 6.10pm Roge will be joined live in the studio with top Home Chef – Jason Pettit … for… ‘’Foodie Thursday’’… Jason will rustle up a sumptuous tasty, quick and easy weekend recipe.

The Capital Party – Post-Friday Brunch with Young Roge From 4.30 to 7pm Every Friday… Join Roge as he keeps the Friday brunch party mood going with the top dance floor fillers from the 1960s,70s and 80s.


The Capital Radio UAE Pet Adoption Spot – Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Every Wednesday 6.30pm to 6.45 in the Young Roge Capital Drive home. 

Everyone who has a pet knows they can really make a home and with the huge number of dogs and cats needing a forever home in the UAE, we want to help.

There are many proven health benefits to having a pet (reduces depression, lowers stress, increases happiness, improves fitness) but more than this, you give an innocent animal a happy and secure long-term home.

Children love animals and numerous studies have shown that children who grow up with animals are at less risk of developing allergies and asthma. And who doesn’t want the unconditional love of a cute and cuddly companion.

There are thousands of cats and dog in shelters and in foster homes, just waiting to be adopted and to give you love and companionship. They are young and older, big and small, all kinds of breed – an animal for everyone.

Adopting an animal is cheaper than buying from a breeder, and invariably better for the animals too. Adopting a pet is saving a life and giving them a second chance. The animal charities and rescue associations will help you choose the right pet for your lifestyle, budget, and family.

Adopt don’t shop.

Misty & Peaches – cats

Misty, a beautiful blue boy and Peaches, the orange-cream girl are both 18 months old, domestic long-haired cats. This young pair urgently need to find another home that is peaceful and with patient owners.

They were sadly surrendered by their owner and currently stressed where they are temporarily but they will be fine once they are safe and settled in a permanent home.

This cuddly pair are both are super affectionate, rather lazy – ever for cats -so low maintenance and they really just want to cuddle up and sleep most of the day.

Misty and Peaches have tested negative to all viruses, and are spayed and neutered.



Contact: Paw Pals Dubai

Eddie – dog

Meet the most hilarious superdog! Eddie is a fun-loving, well-behaved boy who is around seven months old.

He walks beautifully on a loose leash and in group walks, knows leave-it, sit, and down. He sleeps through the night without trouble in his crate and usually has a midday nap in it too.

Eddie is full of beans and always ready for some fun. Let his zoomies take the whole day’s trouble away for you! Eddie politely waits for his meals and understands to share toys and even treats with his big sister in foster home.

He engages very politely with other dogs. He goes to the yard to do his business and will not have an accident at home if he has access to outside.

A husky a heart, Eddie is the whole package in a smaller body! His foster parents say he’s a really sweet boy who they will miss but he’ll make a family very happy as he is just fun and such a nice, friendly young chap!

Contact: Paw Pals Dubai



Adopt, don’t shop!


Stan Howard

Sounds of the 70s and 80s with Stan Howard every Friday 10-1pm UAE

Meet ‘’Stan The Man’’ Capital Radio UAE newest personality DJ Stan Howard. Stan will be hosting a new weekly show on Capital every Friday between 10-1pm UAE, playing the big hits from the 1970s and 1980s, combined with local and international pre brunch up lifting content.

Stan has been a radio personality for over 30 years, with the majority of these spent in the Middle East presenting breakfast on QBS in Qatar for 5 years, then in the mid 1980s Stan moved to Bahrain to join Radio Bahrain, where he stayed for 10 years, so Stan is a Middle East veteran and a safe pair of hands to start your Friday with brilliant blend of sensational music and loads of personality.



Andy Sayers

Saturday Brunch Every Saturday  10am – 2pm UAE Time

Andy’s with you every Saturday with a great mix of 60s, 70s & 80s music to give you that helping hand, whether you’re working hard, playing taxi for the kids or enjoying your last day of the weekend.

Find out what’s happening and how to get involved across the UAE in ‘What’s Occurring’ – he promises not to go on about his soft spot, Yas Island where you’ll find him with the parasol up so he doesn’t burn; request your favourite song in ‘Parents Taxi Service’; send a dedication in ‘The Date to Celebrate’ or rise to the challenge in ‘Quiz of the Week’. Whatever your reason, be sure to tune in!

Andy has over 30 years radio presenting experience across London and the South East of England, has hosted numerous roadshows, festival and events. Andy is looking forward to being part of The Happy Sound of Capital Radio.

So, join Andy for brunch every Saturday 10am – 2pm. Email – What’s App / Text: + 97150 6072051


Phil Blizzard

‘’Wish You Were Here’’….. Every Saturday 2pm – 5pm UAE Time

Capital Radios latest’s top personality DJ is… Phil Blizzard…. Phil will be presenting a weekly UAE and International travel programme called …… ‘’Wish You Were Here’’…. every Saturday from 2-5pm.

You may remember the old ITV Holiday Programme of the same name from the 1970s and 1980s… Well Phil has brought the magic back, aimed at our UAE and International multi-cultural audience. Find out all about what’s new across the UAEs many five-star holiday resorts and updates on all international travel news.

Phil will have the best music from the 1960s,70s,80s combined with a host of information and interviews on what’s new and popular here in the UAE.

Phil a UAE resident for 30 years is well known to many long term UAE residents from presenting his popular daily ‘’Midday Special’’ for Dubai 92 in the 1990s. Phil has been a professional broadcaster for over 35 years, video producer, writer and media trainer and has extensive broadcast experience, gained from the BBC as a presenter/producer for both radio and TV.

Phil’s previous broadcasts included programmes from more than 40 countries on six of the seven continents. These have ranged from a glacier in Alaska, cool chap, to the tropical islands of Comoros. From the top of Cape Town’s Table Mountain to hitting the high notes of the Sydney Opera House, whilst walking and talking on the Harbour Bridge.
Phil’s travel shows have been presented whilst sailing on the seven seas – on liners cruising around British Colombia’s Inner Passage up to Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier, across the stormy Bay of Biscay and the gentler Caribbean. Phil even broadcast ‘on-air in the air’ from a hot air balloon and was one of the first to use and film the shower spa on-board an Emirates Airbus A380 whilst cruising at 40,000ft.

There will be plenty more to follow on Capital Radio’s new exciting travel programme….. ‘’Wish You Were Here’’…… Every Saturday 2-5pm.
Email: – What’s App / Text: + 97150 6072051


Keren Bobker

Keren will be on the Drivetime show every Sunday from 6 – 6.30 pm in a new informative exciting feature called ”Everything UAE”


Keren is an Independent Financial Adviser with over 25 years’ experience, and a writer and commentator on personal finance and consumer issues, particularly relating to being an expat in the UAE. Resident in Dubai for over 13 years, Keren has a successful business advising a range of clients but specialises in investment management and ensuring that families are properly protected. Alongside this business, she has written a column in The National newspaper for 10 years and appears in other local publications as both a writer and commentator on a range of topics, runs seminars, and the popular Facebook group British Expats Dubai. You can find out more at


Jason Lee Pettit


Capital Radio welcomes your new ‘’Foody Thursday’’ Chef Jason Lee Pettit.


Jason will be cooking live in the studio on the Young Roge Capital Drive home every Thursday 6-6.30pm UAE. Every Thursday Jason will cook a quick, simple healthy recipe to kick start your weekend.


A total foodie, Jason has been cooking in professional kitchens from the age of 15.


Classically trained in French Cuisine, his career has encompassed multiple cuisine styles from French, Italian, British, Spanish to Mexican and South East Asian. Jason is proficient in all dining styles from Private Members Clubs, Fine Dining Restaurants to Branded Restaurant Groups.


With a passion for using fresh, local ingredients and products, he champions educating teams through training, tasting and knowledge sharing to ensure each and every dish is consistent and high quality.


Jason has been in the UAE for over 7 years now and during this period, he has worked across the GCC in various roles. Jason came to Dubai as the Executive Chef for Noodle House and had total responsibility for both the owned restaurants and International Franchise partners.


Jason has also worked for FoodMark Group as Executive Chef for the Asian & Fine Dining division. Jason lead the original Mango Tree restaurant in Souk al Bahar to retain successive Whats On Awards as well achieving Best Fine Dining Chinese in Qatar with ChiZen.


2019 Recipes  

THIS WEEKS: Indian Spiced Mackerel

FEATURED RECIPES: Breakfast Muffins,  Szechuan Spiced Ginger Beef, Lamb with Freekeh, Apricots and Pistachios, Tender Beef Ribs with Tangy Coleslaw, Lemon Fudge Cake, Sweetcorn Soup, Prawn & Mango Salad, Chicken Saltimbocca, Zesty BBQ Salmon Taco, Quick Jerk Sea Bream, Chocolate & Honey Fondue, Smashed Pecorino Beef Burger with Smokey Piquant Mayo, Easy Thai Beef Salad, Grilled Shrimps with Rocket Pesto Gnocchi, Cheats Chicken Pho, Chicken Schnitzel with Apple Salad,  Pasta Puttanesca, Easy Peasy Paratha Pizza, Store Cupboard Tuna Bolognese, Welsh Rarebit, Moroccan Chickpea Soup, Kofta with cumin & mint tzatziki, Grilled Seabass with Courgette, Asparagus, Lemon and Hazelnut, Chicken Pad Thai, Omani Lamb Shuwa, Grilled Steak with Chimichurri, Lemon & Basil Chicken Burgers with Healthy Chips, Skillet Flank Steak with Avocado & Corn Pico de Gallo, Banh Mi, Easy Satay Sea Bream, Lazy Day Fishcakes, Enmolada, Palak Paneer, Chickpea Coconut Curry with Shrimps, Baharat Slow Roasted Shoulder of Lamb, Sea Bream with Green Apple Salad, Chicken Liver Salad with Courgette Puree, Cottage Pie, Smoked Salmon Carbornara, Shrimps with Feta Cheese, Tuna Al Pastor Quesadilla, Thai Chicken Salad, Sea Bream En Papillote, Sweet N Sour Chicken Noodles, Easy Steak Asada Tacos, Spiced Chicken Kebabs








You can contact Jason directly with all your culinary queries and news by email on

You can listen to all your favourite Capital Radio UAE shows on other media stations like MyTurner Radio where you can also download their app.